The Ultimate in Sustainability……..

 Natural Attrition & Reclaimed

Bespoke  Furniture & Homewares

 Unique, Timeless, Ecological

Combining the extraordinary beauty of old growth timber

with the ultimate in sustainable harvesting – Natural Attrition.

Our handcrafted, custom made furniture & homewares

allow you luxury with peace of mind.

Specialising In:

Custom eco-projects for: Architecture, Design,

Landscaping, Interior, Outdoor, Commercial

Eco-Friendly Heirloom Furniture & Homewares 

Specialty Timber Milling Services &/or Removal 

Natural Attrition, Rescued, Recycled & Reclaimed Timbers 

Timber Sales & Rare Timber Feature Pieces –

Slabs, Boards, Planks, Sleepers, Burls, Roots

Trees suck carbon from our atmosphere, they are in fact half carbon

and this is stored safely and securely, locked into their very fibre.

It is not released when it is milled, so even the most environmentally

concerned can relax and enjoy the warmth and beauty only found in

natural timber with our Natural Attrition & Reclaimed creations. 

We’re passionate about helping you realize your dreams. 

Be personally involved in the creative process from the start.

We will hand tool & individually craft the timber that you choose to 

make your vision a reality.

Your Artisans – Geoff Simpson and Team, breathing new life into these majestic beauties.

Go to our Contact Page for options on discussing your commission.

Let our Artisans create unique pieces, exclusively designed for your needs & desires.