Lightroom Do you need to learn to use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC? You are in the right spot! I am getting started on a new series where I’m going to show you what I am talking about Adobe Lightroom! If you are a new photographer or searching for new software to organize and edit all of your photographs, then Lightroom could be the solution for you. It’s little intimidating to get started in Lightroom, however it is not as difficult as you might think. Throughout this series, I will explain to you how to begin and set up for success at Lightroom. We will cover matters like importing, editing, exporting, tips, suggestion, and everything between. Once I was studying Adobe Lightroom, it was super useful for me to know about the intricacies of this program via other YouTubers. Today I’d like to share everything I have learned. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and click the Notification BELL to maintain up as we learn Lightroom together! FOLLOW ME:Instagram: instagram. com/jayyadlovski/Website: www. jasonyadlovski. comYouTube: youtube. Com/channel/UCmeHO5GLuhtKui-WXetqukwMy Photography Gear My MAIN Camera: to/2Ok1jee MAIN Camera Battery Grip: to/2N4QSH1 My BACKUP Camera: to/2OcELMv My beloved Lens: to/2N4mWKR The Widest Lens I have: to/2IjzZr9 Wides Aperture Lens I’ve: to/2N3dEyX Factor ND Filter: to/2pKMnrC Good Kit Lens for Beginners: to/2OgpSsK My Flash: to/2IkykS6 How to Install Lightroom Presets PLUS Review of Fix The Photo Presets — JASON YADLOVSKI Rogue Flash Bender Soft Box: to/2N5duXF GoPro Hero 5 Black: to/2N3oK71 GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery: to/2IjGTgb Wacom Intuos Guru Pen and Touch Small Tablet: to/2Ij7qtW My Camera Bag: to/2MYctkl Awesome Tripod: to/2IkP3VA Sensor Cleaning Kit: to/2Iid9QD Audio Gear My Mic for Desktop Recording: to/2R1kMir Lav Mic, Rode RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System: to/2zx5ECK Software I Use Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan: to/2R1UUmI ScreenFlow: to/2zwRQbl iMovie Davinci ResolveComputer Equipment Macbook Pro: to/2OlAerr (I have a 2015, but this is the new version) Drobo 5Dt: to/2N5LQtC Datacolor Spyder5PRO: to/2R1Vhh6 Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Printer: to/2zvL0T Lightroom Presets. There is no doubt that you have heard of them, be attempted some of them, and maybe even made your own. Presets can help speed up your workflow as well as help you make a consistent look on your own photographs. They are comparatively simple to use and in this particular post, I am going the way you how to put in new presets into Adobe Lightroom and discuss my experience working with a set of Landscape Lightroom Presets provided by a company called Fix the Photo. Recently I had a rep from Fix the photo (www. fixthephoto. Com) reach out to me and ask me if I’d give some of their presets a try and share my experience with them