This unique piece of living art can be yours at $1,650.00

This stunning table has been lovingly hand tooled to realize the full potential of the beautiful timber, by Artisan Geoff Simpson who loves to create a fusion with timber and recycled metal resulting in unique pieces filled with history, character & life.

Pimpling refers to the coral-like protrusions on the outer bark of the tree & is highly prized for the unique circular patterning it creates throughout the inner timber. We also highly prize the outer bark for its true uniquity and beauty and therefore keep it intact on our creations, adding a new dimension of character and individuality to each piece.

The stand has been repurposed from vintage horse drawn equipment. Specifically the legs from the Tines of a Scarifier Plough circa 1950’s & the brackets from a Chisel Plough circa 1950’s. The Tines are resting on solid Red Gum Slabs, held in situ by iron horse shoe nails circa 1950’s. Measurements: Height 84cm; Base Width 75cm; Top Length 153cm; Width tapers – 65cm (widest) 50cm (mid) 4cm (narrowest).

The Mirror Map Of Victoria’s Slab came from the Pimple Tree which was estimated to be ~200+ years old (from the diameter of the tree). The exact location where it grew is a mystery & it is unknown how long ago the tree came down, therefore the actual age of the timber is even greater.

The tree lay on the river flats on the far side of Hurdle Creek and was subjected to, and moved around by flood waters before being rescued in 2014. It was then expertly milled to create uniquely shaped slabs ready to begin a new life accentuating their true natural beauty in one-off pieces of bespoke furniture. 

The natural grains and astonishing range of colours, due to age and exposure to the elements are exceptional. No two are alike, making each sustainably produced piece of furniture, a truly unique, one-off, with zero impact on the environment.