To create the ultimate in ecologically sustainable, environmentally friendly furniture and breathe new life into these iconic Australian native trees for future generations to cherish and enjoy. Ultimately to protect and regenerate the Red Gum forests and water systems in our care. 

Our Workplace is also our home and our life, which is why we do everything in our power to protect it.



Our Natural Attrition Range totally eclipses the highest current industry standard. We are a world above and beyond – in reality, they are not even in the same stratosphere as us.

We won’t settle for substandard, our planet is too precious. So we’ve set our own standard, the Gold Standard, and you won’t find a higher grade of environmentally friendly timber. 


You will notice from the FSC (Industry Standard) Chain Of Custody diagram, up to FIVE destinations prior to reaching a consumer. Our Natural Attrition Timber has ONE – Single Source Timber, saving carbon emissions between origin and final destination point.

Also note FSC timber IS cut down, our Natural Attrition Timber is felled only by Mother Nature herself, making it THE most ecofriendly timber on the planet.


We always strive to do better, both for our clients and the environment. Every effort is made to minimise waste and maximise efficiency in order to protect the planet.

Indulging our passion for the five “Re’s” – Recycle, Repurpose, Re-use, Repair, Reduce – helps minimise our overall carbon footprint. Timber left to rot will release its stored carbon. Recycling vintage farming equipment (as bases or legs for creations) uses less energy and materials than making new ones would. Reducing emissions and rejuvenating history simultaneously.

Being true to our values and passion for protecting the planet, our Workshop roof provided the perfect platform for an impressive array of solar panels. Power from the sun, it’s what Australia has the most of and what we should all be taking advantage of to ensure future generations have a world they too can enjoy. Our Workshops open plan layouts allow us to utilise natural light and reduce reliance on electric lighting, further minimising fossil fuel energy use. 

Heirloom creations – crafted to be timeless, treasured and handed down through generations, keeping that carbon safely and securely stored, locked into the very fibre of each piece. Our finishes include natural plant oils and waxes which preserve and enhance the beauty and life of the timber. Resin used to fill natural flaws in timber is also a form of carbon storage, produced using bio-carbon from the waste stream of industrial processes.

Nothing wasted – Beautiful off-cuts from large pieces are transformed into a range of homewares and office accessories. Our sawdust is spread here on the farm, building organic matter and improving the health of the soil – the circle of life continues.