Forests really do bring the rain! They create a giant constant air current that attracts moisture from hundreds of miles away. If we want to thrive on this planet we need to preserve & regenerate the forests.


In Australia many native species need tree hollows, including 17% of bird species, 42% of mammals and 28% of reptiles. We harvest only solid fallen timber, leaving anything with hollows untouched, to preserve the homes of these species & protect our healthy ecosystem both on land & in the water. Amongst those we are blessed to provide sanctuary to are: sugar gliders (Mitta Willy in our local Bpangerang Aboriginal language), brush & ringtail possums (Willee & Boogahree), bats, owls, parrots, ducks, rosellas, kingfishers & numerous species of snakes, frogs and skinks. Natural Attrition old growth timber is the ultimate in sustainable harvesting, creating beautiful timber furniture that doesn’t harm the earth.


70% of forests lost, more and more species endangered and threatened with extinction under current industry best practice and standards.  We won’t settle for sub-standard, our planet is too precious to destroy, so we’ve set our own standard – a gold standard.  Our Natural Attrition range of ecofriendly timber totally eclipses the highest current industry standard. They are not even in the same stratosphere as us, and we do hope they will wake up and provide us with some competition! #ActOnExtinction


Our Quest: To create the ultimate in ecologically sustainable, environmentally friendly furniture & breathe new life into these iconic Australian native trees for future generations to cherish and enjoy. Ultimately to protect & regenerate the Red Gum forests & water systems in our care……… Read More


The Power of Nature – to give life and to take it. The seeds fall, they are covered with leaf litter and organic matter from the parent trees, they shoot and new life begins. Cycles of drought and flood come and go. During periods of prolonged drought, the majestic giants shrink their root systems to conserve energy and water, leaving them top-heavy and susceptible to storms. Under these conditions, the giants are often felled by Mother Nature. Floods follow droughts, the strength of which can move entire trees great distances – such is the power of nature and so begins the journey …….. Read More


Home to Geoff and Linda Simpson is a third generation family owned and run 200 acre property in Oxley, North East Victoria. 100 acres of the property is on the floodplains bounded by Hurdle Creek and the King River. As this area is regularly inundated with water, it remains undeveloped, providing sanctuary for the Red Gum forests and native animals including:kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas, possums, lizards, frogs, fish, turtles, platypus, Rakali (native water rat), snakes and innumerable bird species. It is a healthy and diverse ecosystem that we wish to protect and regenerate by removing weed species and revegetating new areas to return it to a more natural state…… Read More