Custom Design – Our client desired an elegant curved-front entertainment unit with slim drawers for storing remote controls. 100 year old Natural Attrition Woollybutt, felled by a storm in 2016, displays a delicate pale gold blush with delightful grain throughout. Eucalyptus longifolia, known by the common name Woollybutt, is a tree of the Myrtle family Myrtaceae and native to eastern Australia.

Entertainment Unit


Our client had rescued some timber from becoming firewood and commissioned a dining table for his designer daughter-in-law. It was a labour of love to carefully fill the flaws in the magnificent Red Box slab. A painstaking search for timber to seamlessly match and handcraft the legs from was eventually successful. Countless hours of sanding and polishing revealed glorious grains, radiant colour palette and two very happy Clients.


Every piece tells a story – especially this one! Once Upon A Time the City of Manningham desired a very special playground for the local children OF Bulleen. So a ‘one of a kind’ Story Stage was lovingly handcrafted from ~100 year Natural Attrition Murray Pine which grew near the Blue Mountains in Burraga NSW. The tree was felled by a storm in the early 1980’s and was rescued from becoming firewood by an avid rare timber collector who milled and stored it safely for decades. Supporting brackets repurposed from a circa 1920’s Hay Binder complete the story and they all lived happily ever after.


Our client desired a knife block to display and protect his prized set of knives. Geoff believed such precision tools warranted a piece of precious old growth red gum with fabulous fiddleback grain, reclaimed from a local collector. Customized and hand shaped to each individual knife size, finished with rice bran oil for safety of food, the perspex cover protects and displays the knives to perfection. Our client appreciated the time and care taken to select timber with such great character and the perfect complement to his knives.


The brief from the client was for a 3 seater rustic slab park bench – client’s response – “you nailed it!”. Featuring magical natural & live edge detail, this remarkable handcrafted Woodland Park Bench shows a captivating colour palette due to age & exposure to the elements. The book-matched pew legs are from the Myrtleford Reclaimed Timber range (~300 y.o.) whilst the seat & backrest are Natural Attrition Red Gum from our property featuring glorious fiddleback & feather crotch grain. The one of a kind reinvented vintage hay binder bracket provides stylish stability.


This beautiful Natural Edge Platter was made from the timber of The Leaning Tree, so named because when the tree fell in 2011 it fell into the boughs of a neighbouring tree. Estimated to be ~70 years old, it had to be cut into 3 sections to remove it from the embrace of its neighbour & was milled in 2014.  This piece has been lovingly hand finished & sealed with Grapeseed Oil to realize the full potential of the beautiful timber. Functional beauty and objet d’art in its own right, a unique piece filled with history, character & life. Each sustainably produced piece of homeware and furniture is a truly unique, one-off, with zero impact on the environment.