The Journey from Forest to Furniture continues with careful selection of only solid fallen trees and limbs. Timber with hollows, vital for habitat for our native animals and a healthy ecosystem, is left untouched.

Collaborative Process – The joy and pride our clients experience through a collaborative creative process, and knowledge they are helping preserve our fragile environment, is immensely rewarding to us.


Discussion, planning, and quotation for your creation. We offer you an extensive range of ideas but it is always your choice. Your desires are our priority. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call Geoff on 0459 200 325 to discuss your project and particular requirements. We are always happy to work with you to finalise your design and give you accurate pricing.

Timber Selection:

Natural Attrition, Rescued or Reclaimed – the choice is yours. Select your Timber and finalise your design. Natural Attrition is our Premium Range – THE highest standard of eco-friendly timber bar none. Natural Attrition means natural causes (Mother Nature – storms, floods, droughts) and is the pinnacle of our range of eco-friendly timber.


Handcrafting of your creation in our solar powered workshop on the property. To obtain the optimum finish each piece of timber is sanded many times before being finished to accentuate the beautiful natural grain and texture of your chosen piece of timber. Viewing your product before finishing occurs via photos or in person.


Natural cracking and knotting can be retained (to increase the character and natural beauty of your creation), or skilfully filled and repaired. We use clear, long lasting epoxy resin glue for filling and repair, which takes on the colour of the surrounding timber and holds very strongly to it. You may wish to personalize your creation further by adding small keepsakes (e.g. stones or crystals) to any knotholes before being filled with clear resin. 


Choose from a range of timber finishings to suit your personal preferences, needs and style. We use high quality finishes made from natural oils and waxes so the timber can breath and move. Non toxic, approved food safe oils are used for homewares and children’s toys. Finishes to natural timber bring out the colours which are already there, and preserve longevity of the product.