The Ultimate in Sustainability……..

 Natural Attrition & Reclaimed Bespoke Furniture & Homewares

 Unique, Timeless, Ecological

 Knowing the source equals peace of mind.


Combining the extraordinary beauty of old growth timber with the ultimate in

sustainable harvesting – Natural Attrition. Our handcrafted, custom-made furniture

and homewares allow you luxury with peace of mind.

“I needed trusted expertise for a precious piece with great sentimental value. My wife yearned for a piece of family farm at our inner-city home. Geoff transformed a burnt-out stump into a bespoke courtyard centrepiece. Our home is full of special features but this is a stand out!”Wayne, Albury NSW
“The ‘Go to’ Company for all my specialised Milling & Timber needs. My vision for a red gum jetty could only be realised by bespoke sleepers that simply couldn’t be purchased off the shelf. Being single source eco-timber was an added bonus.” – Peter, Yarrawonga Victoria
“The history & age of this piece was the perfect fit for our historic, luxury boutique B&B. Our guests love the story of the vintage farm equipment stand & glorious 200+ year old eco-friendly timber. It is a work of art & Geoff is an amazing artisan.” – Jill – 1888 Boutique Accommodation, Oxley Victoria

“Geoff expertly milled my timber on site with his Portable Mill after two old She Oak trees were removed for our new eco-friendly extension, utilising natural sunlight for winter warmth & new shade trees for summer. Now that beautiful timber graces the counter in our Tasting Room, tables in the Still House & vanity & benches in my bathroom, forever preserved.” Wendy – Hurdle Creek Gin Distillery, Victoria

“The natural choice for our Eco-Retreat – bespoke Ensuite & Deck with rough sawn boards & Pergola from whole trunk posts blend seamlessly into the natural environment & delight our guests.” – Yarranungara Yurt Retreat, Oxley Victoria
“Quality is essential to us. Geoff is a trusted source for ecofriendly furniture/homewares with the warmth & beauty of old growth timber. The history in our table is mind blowing! Once again, thank you for a treasured feature of our house & truly unique centrepiece.” – Briony & Pete, Torquay Victoria

From Forest To Furniture

The Power of Nature – to give life and to take it. The seeds fall, they are covered with leaf litter and organic matter from the parent trees, they shoot and new life begins. Cycles of drought and flood come and go. During periods of prolonged drought, the majestic giants shrink their root systems to conserve energy and water, leaving them top-heavy and susceptible to storms. Under these conditions, the giants are often felled by Mother Nature. Floods follow droughts, the strength of which can move entire trees great distances – such is the power of nature and so begins the journey………. Read More

Eco News

Preserving and Protecting Habitat

In Australia many native species need tree hollows, including 17% of bird species, 42% of mammals and 28% of reptiles. We harvest only solid fallen timber, leaving anything with hollows untouched, to preserve the homes of these species & protect our healthy ecosystem both on land & in the water. Natural Attrition old growth timber is the ultimate in sustainable harvesting, creating beautiful timber furniture that doesn’t harm the earth.


Knowing The Source Equals Peace Of Mind

No living tree was harmed during the harvesting of our Natural Attrition Timber – natures gift to you. Trees suck carbon from our atmosphere, they are in fact half carbon and this is stored safely and securely, locked into their very fibre. It is not released when it is milled so even the most environmentally concerned can relax and enjoy the warmth and beauty only found in natural timber with our Natural Attrition & Reclaimed creations. 


Collaborative Process


Custom Design – An office of antique furniture is certainly beautiful but hardly ergonomic and our professional client desired the best of both worlds. Accordingly this desk was cleverly crafted combining original oak legs extended in height with a custom made top providing the ideal amount of comfortable, practical workspace. Proving you really can have your cake and eat it too!