Frost On Spider Web

King River In Flood

Hurdle Creek In Flood

River Red Gum in Flood

Pelicans At Dam

Sunrise Over Dam

Hurdle Creek In Drought

Corroboree Tree Golden

Funky Funghi

King River Island

Mossy Log

Leaning Tower

Handmade Fence Post

Never Ever Give Up Tree

King River In Autumn

Morning Sunlight

Welcome to our beautiful property, enjoy the sights and sounds of a River Red Gum forest.

Let the soothing sounds of water and birdsong transport you to our peaceful woodland.

Home to Geoff and Linda Simpson is a third generation family owned and run 200 acre property in Oxley, North East Victoria. 100 acres of the property is on the floodplains bounded by Hurdle Creek and the King River. As this area is regularly inundated with water, it remains undeveloped, providing sanctuary for the Red Gum forests and native animals including: kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas, possums, lizards, frogs, fish, turtles, platypus, Rakali (native water rat), snakes and innumerable bird species. It is a healthy and diverse ecosystem that we wish to protect and regenerate by removing weed species and revegetating new areas to return it to a more natural state.

There is a large body of historically documented & physical evidence that proves the Bpangerang People are the Traditional Owners of our land. Water is sacred to the Aborigines, being the source and sustenance of all life and the River Red Gums provided them with everything from cooking utensils to canoes. We have many scar trees on our property as physical proof of their rich cultural heritage.

We acknowledge, respect and are indebted to the Bpangerang Traditional Owners of our land and the land itself and wish to be benevolent custodians of this land we are so blessed to share.

Geoff is the great grandson of Alexander Moyer Simpson, one of the ‘Farmers Five’ who settled the Oxley Plains. In 1859 five gents sharecropped a plot of land at Hurdle Creek until each could afford their own land. Alexander famously slept in a hollow tree log for a period during this time. Also among the ‘Five” was George Brown, patriarch of Brown Brothers Winery in Milawa.

Some of our trees have taken on the spirits of animals with incredible results: