Even if it premiered in 2006, Nintendo’s Wii games were already looking a little past it, stuck as they were at the muddy depths of standard-definition resolution and also on comparatively old hardware. In 2011, they’re way past it.

To not worry. If you would rather play with your Wii matches in gorgeous HD – and trust us, they seem magnificent – then all you need to do is follow these easy measures. [jump]

As you can not play Wii games from HD on the true console, no matter what type of snake oil you are being promised, you may play with them in HD on your PC.

How? Simple. With a program named Dolphin, among the hottest and available emulators around. Everything Dolphin does is simulate the workings of a Wii (or even GameCube) in your PC, turning it to the most powerful and most powerful Nintendo console you’ve ever noticed.

Note: We have prepared and tailored this manual to assist those who already have a physical copy of a Wii match. Those who give Nintendo (and other publishers) that the money that they deserve for making these awesome games.

To begin, you’re likely to require a program named Rawdump, version 2.1. You’re going to need to ensure that your disc drive is compatible with the program, as not all are.

What this does is enable you to fall your Wii (or even GameCube) disk in your PC’s disk drive and”tear” the content off it.Join Us romshub.com website This is critical as you will not be enjoying the match off the disc, you are going to be enjoying off it the”image” of this disk that you get together with the app and save for your PC.

Now we’ve got the match ready, we need to get Dolphin so that we could actually run it.

Make certain you make the most suitable one for your operating system (it operates on Windows, Linux and also Intel-based Macs). After it is downloaded, boot it up.


A whole lot of emulators out there are complicated, arcane occasions, but one reason Dolphin is very popular is that it’s relatively easy to comprehend and easy to use. There are five big buttons which contain most of the configurations you are ever going to have to mess , and also those buttons, because you can see, are fairly self-explanatory.

It is not, however, perfect. It’s not a plug-and-play event. You will want to mess around with lots of the pictures and performance settings to get things running into a degree that suits you or to that your PC can deal with. And the greater your PC, the greater: because you are just emulating that a Wii or GameCube, it may be quite a strain on your processor, so in the event that you’ve got an older or poorer PC you may have to dial down the settings a little bit.

As these configurations will differ from user to user, and also from game to game, so I’m not going to list them . Don’t hesitate to tinker together yourself, or see the super-friendly Dolphin forums for more specific guidelines.


As you are playing on a PC, then you may entirely customise how the matches have been controlled. Dolphin lets users individually choose each button press and axis of motion, so if you’d like to use a computer keyboard, control pad or combination of both, you can.

For GameCube (plus a few Wii) games, all you will really need to do is plug in a controller pad, then configure the settings (simply click the large GCPAD or WIIMOTE buttons) and you are off. For Wii games, though, you have some choices.

While it’s possible to play games using the keyboard, control pad and mouse to replicate the movements of a Wii controller, then it is a shoddy workaround. The perfect way to play with Wii games, particularly those like Skyward Sword that require MotionPlus, would be to use your real Wii controller.

To receive one running on your PC, you’ll need two items: a Bluetooth adapter (if your PC or Mac doesn’t have the capability) and a wireless sensor bar. Some of us will say that you don’t require the latter, but it will save a great deal of hassle. The Bluetooth adapter lets you sync your Wii control for your PC so that it could read its motions, and employing a wireless sensor bar means all you need to do is take away the bar from your computer and put it below your screen instead. Get them operating and bam, you’ve got the great Wii management system, right in front of your PC.


Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to play! Click on the yellow”OPEN” folder icon on Dolphin’s most important dashboard and browse to the .iso file you have from your Wii disc. Select it afterward, gods willing, your sport should start up and look great.

If it doesn’t, or when there are more glitches, or the control is not working, or something else goes wrong, relax. As I said, this isn’t plug-and-play. Most games generally take a little fine-tuning to get working, and yet again, the best place for advice on specific games (since some may be somewhat twitchy in Dolphin) is to visit that name’s thread onto the Dolphin forums.