The Citizen Flo Platter’s Slab came from the “black log” which was found here on the

river flats on the far side of Hurdle Creek. It was named the “black log” due to the extraordinary 

darkness of the timber. The older the timber, the darker the colour, the more valuable it is.

The exact location where it grew is a mystery & it is unknown how long ago the tree came down,

therefore the actual age of the timber is inestimable. The log was subjected to, and moved

around by flood waters before being rescued in 2014. It was then expertly milled to create

uniquely shaped slabs ready to begin a new life accentuating their true natural beauty in

one-off pieces of bespoke handcrafted homewares and furniture.

The natural grains and astonishing range of colours, due to age

and exposure to the elements are exceptional.

This stunning Platter has been lovingly hand tooled to realize the full potential of the beautiful

timber by Artisan Geoff Simpson, who loves to create functional beauty in pieces that are

objet d’art in their own right resulting in unique pieces filled with history, character and life.

When you are not serving your guests hors d’oeuvres, display it on your mantelpiece or sideboard.

Each sustainably produced piece of homeware and furniture is a truly unique,

one-off, with zero impact on the environment.