Clearing Giant


The 500+ years old Clearing Giant was the larger portion of an enormous river red gum which split

lengthwise and came out by the roots after the drought broke in 2011. The trunk of this majestic 

giant was so large it had to be cut into 3 sections to move it.


Thus far just the forks of the topmost section of this majestic giant have yielded many beautiful

posts, planks & slabs.


The main trunk sections are yet to be milled and will produce many exceptional and unique slabs.


The natural grains and astonishing range of colours due to age are exceptional, & they are ready to

begin a new life accentuating their true natural beauty in one-off pieces of bespoke furniture. 

No two are alike, making each sustainably produced piece of furniture a truly unique one-off,

with zero impact on the environment.  


Old growth timber utilising the ultimate in sustainable harvesting – Natural Attrition.

Talk to us about your dreams today. 

Potential one-off creations include: Large (or cut down) Bar/Bench/Counter/Desk tops,

Bench seats, Side/Entrance/Hall/Coffee/Occasional tables or joined together for extra large

Indoor/Outdoor Dining table.