The Dragon’s Lair Slab came from The Boar Tree, estimated to be ~200 years old

(from the diameter of the tree) which is growing on the near side of Hurdle Creek.

~Thirty years ago one limb broke off the tree leaving a small stub which formed the

snout of the Boar. The limb lay on the river flats and was subjected to, and

moved around by flood waters before being rescued in 2014. 


It was then expertly milled to create uniquely shaped slabs ready to begin a new life

accentuating their true natural beauty in one-off pieces of bespoke furniture. 

Boar Tree

Boar Tree

Boar Tree Separation

Boar Tree Separation

Boar Tree Limb

Boar Tree Limb


The natural grains and

astonishing range of colours,

due to age and exposure to

the elements are





No two are alike, making each sustainably produced piece of furniture a truly unique, 

one-off, with zero impact on the environment.   


This stunning table has been lovingly hand tooled to realize the full potential of the beautiful

timber (and the client’s vision of a Birthday gift for her dragon loving daughter) by Artisan

Geoff Simpson who loves to create unique pieces filled with history, character and life.  


The stand has been crafted from a beautiful red gum tree root, located on the far side of

Hurdle Creek, it’s natural cradle-like centre making the perfect Dragons Lair. The Gothic-style

footing is a re-purposed Wire Spinner circa 1970’s from Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard.