Fiddleback Slab


In the late 1950’s/early 1960’s teams of Timber Millers toured the floodplains of Oxley in

North East Victoria, milling Red Gum timber into 4 x 4 fence posts for sale in Melbourne.

In those days Red Gum was valued more for its durability and toughness, rather than its

exceptional beauty. Consequently the Timber Millers left behind many slabs of Red Gum

that they could mill no further fence posts from.


These slabs lay on the river flats and were subjected to, and moved around by flood waters

before being rescued in 2014 to begin a new life accentuating their true natural beauty in

unique pieces of bespoke furniture.


The Fiddleback slab was located in an old bed of the King River here and was named

for its highly prized Fiddleback grain. Our Artisans also highly prize the outer bark for its true

uniquity & beauty & therefore keep it intact on our creations, adding a new dimension of

character & individuality to each piece.


Its origins are shrouded in mystery, where it grew, when it came down, & therefore the actual age

of the timber is inestimable. Very rarely comes a Slab with this incredible Fiddleback grain & colour.


Potential one-off creations for this slab include: Medium sized Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table.


The natural grains and incredible colour, due to age and exposure to the elements are exceptional.

A true individual & potentially unique, one-off, sustainably produced piece of furniture,

with zero impact on the environment.


                      Length           Width           Thickness                       Milled in 1950’s

1 x Slab        2000mm         800mm           150mm


Fiddle Back Slab

Fiddle Back Slab