Hurdle Creek Bridge Timbers


A very special salvaging mission close to home. This gorgeous old bridge on a neighbouring

property was made from Red Gum timbers cut from the property in the 1950’s. It has been made 

obsolete by a new concrete bridge & we have reclaimed the beautiful timbers to rejuvenate and

repurpose into unique pieces of Heirloom Bespoke Furniture.


Why Bespoke? In keeping with sustainability, we want to create what clients really want and desire.

Pieces that fit perfectly in their lifestyles and suit their characters.

We believe in individuality, not one size fits all & are here to help you realise your dreams.


The natural grains and astonishing range of colours due to age are exceptional, & they are ready to

begin a new life accentuating their true natural beauty in one-off pieces of bespoke furniture. 

No two are alike, making each sustainably produced piece of furniture a truly unique one-off,

with zero impact on the environment.   

Potential one-off creations include: Bar/Bench/Counter/Desk tops, Bench seats,

Side/Entrance/Hall/Coffee/Occasional tables or joined together for extra large

Indoor/Outdoor Dining table.