Iron Maiden Tree


The Iron Maiden Tree was located on the near bank of Hurdle Creek & was named

because of the extraordinary hardness of its timber. Its origins are shrouded in mystery,

where it grew, when it came down, & therefore the actual age of the timber is inestimable.


The tree lay on the river flats and was subjected to, and moved around by flood waters

before being rescued in 2014. It was then expertly milled to create some amazing and uniquely

shaped slabs ready to begin a new life accentuating their true natural beauty in one-off pieces

of bespoke furniture.    


Once in a lifetime comes a log with this wonderfully unique shape which has produced three

incredible slabs with footings.


Potential one-off creations for these three slabs include: Table Legs – tall or cut down for short

& use the rest of the slab as the table top.


Potential one-off creations for the other slabs include: Bar, Side/Entrance/Occassional/Coffee Table,

Bench Seat’s, Long Bar or Side/Entrance Table, Cut & join to increase diameter for wider table top.


The natural grains and astonishing range of colours, due to age and exposure to the elements

are exceptional. No two are alike, making each slab a potential truly unique, one-off, sustainably

produced piece of furniture, with zero impact on the environment.


Slabs from this tree include:

                                             Length            Width            Thickness                       Milled June 2014

Footed Slabs x 3               2000mm          360mm           40mm

3 x Slabs                            1300mm          500mm           50mm

1 x Slab                              3550mm          450mm           50mm

1 x Slab                              1900mm          300mm           20mm

Iron Maiden Slab Grain

Iron Maiden Slab Grain

Iron Maiden Insitu

Iron Maiden Insitu





Iron Maiden Slabs with Footings

Iron Maiden Slabs with Footings