Leaning Tree Slabs


The Leaning Tree grew in a clearing on the far side of Hurdle Creek. It was so named because

when the tree  fell in 2011 it fell into the boughs of a neighbouring tree & was saved from hitting

the ground. The tree was estimated to be ~ 60 to 70 years old (from the diameter of the trunk) &

had to be cut into 3 sections to remove it from the embrace of its neighbour. 


One slab was expertly milled with potential to mill many more to create uniquely shaped slabs ready

to begin a new life accentuating their true natural beauty in unique pieces of bespoke furniture.  


Potential one-off creations for slabs from this tree include: Cut and join for large tables,

or leave whole for very long Bar/Counter, Sideboard, Entrance Table, Bench Seats.


The natural grains and incredible colour, due to age and exposure to the elements are exceptional.

A true individual & potential unique, one-off, sustainably produced piece of furniture,

with zero impact on the environment.


                         Length           Width          Thickness                          Milled June 2014

1 x Slab            5200mm        300mm         100mm              Many, many more slabs can be milled!

Leaning Tree

Leaning Tree Insitu

Leaning Log Part 1 Slabs

Leaning Log Part 1 Slabs

Leaning Log Part 2

Leaning Log Part 2

Leaning Log Part 3

Leaning Log Part 3