This beautiful Natural Edge Cheese Platter was made from the timber of The Leaning Tree which

grew in a clearing on the far side of Hurdle Creek. It was so named because when the tree

fell in 2011 it fell into the boughs of a neighbouring tree & was thus saved from hitting the ground.

The tree was estimated to be ~ 60 to 70 years old (from the diameter of the trunk) & had to be cut

into 3 sections to remove it from the embrace of its neighbour.  It was then expertly milled to create

uniquely shaped slabs ready to begin a new life accentuating their true natural beauty in one-off

pieces of bespoke handcrafted homewares and furniture.  


This gorgeous Platter has been lovingly hand finished & sealed with Grapeseed Oil

to realize the full potential of the beautiful timber by Artisan Geoff Simpson, who loves

to create functional beauty in pieces that are objet d’art in their own right, resulting in

unique pieces filled with history, character & life. 


The natural grains and astonishing range of colours, due to age and exposure to the elements are

exceptional. No two are alike, making each sustainably produced piece of homeware & furniture a

truly unique, one-off, with zero impact on the environment.