Planking Remains Slab


The parent log of this slab was located here on the floodplains where it had been subjected to,

and moved around by flood waters before being rescued in 2014. It was then expertly milled into

planks (or lengths) of red gum, leaving behind this uniquely shaped slab ready to begin a new life

accentuating its true natural beauty in a unique piece of bespoke furniture. 


Its origins are shrouded in mystery, where it grew, when it came down, & therefore the actual age of

the timber is inestimable.


Very rarely comes a Slab with this incredible grain & colour.


Potential one-off creations for this slab include: Long Bar/Counter, Sideboard/Entrance Table,

Bench Seat or cut & joined for a wider Table top.


The natural grains and incredible colour, due to age and exposure to the elements are exceptional.

A true individual & potentially unique, one-off, sustainably produced piece of furniture,

with zero impact on the environment.


                      Length           Width          Thickness                          Milled June 2014

1 x Slab       2300mm       400mm       80mm


Planking Remains Slab

Planking Remains Slab