This impressive coffee table shows an exceptional colour palette and glorious grain due to age. Finished with Organoil 100% pure natural hard burnishing oil to seal and accentuate the glorious colours and grain patterning. The top was crafted from rescued 300+ year old timber, with book-matched pieces expertly joined on both sides to create the desired width. Geoff personally rescued several large old growth red gums from becoming firewood after they were felled for a new housing estate in Myrtleford. It is a privilege to give new life to this magnificent timber in bespoke pieces of furniture. The legs were crafted from our own Natural Attrition timber range. Bucks Lament was a sizeable 200+ year old red gum which fell into the King River, where it was seasoned by the waters for decades, before being removed around 50 years ago by the River Trust. It then rested, immovable, on the banks of the King River at Bucks Point, until big enough equipment was acquired to move and mill it.