Affordable Rates. Cost Effective. On or Off-site Services. Reliable, Safe and Eco-friendly.

Specialty Milling – Our Lucas Portable Mill allows fallen timber to be milled on or off-site and transformed into unique creations, ensuring carbon is not released through burning as firewood, or simply rotting away.

The Mill can be set for varying widths (8 inch max.) for sleepers, garden stakes, floorboards, planks, boards, fence posts, fence rails AND Slabs (1.5 metre max.) for Bar/Bench/Counter/Desk tops, Bench seats, Side/Entrance/Hall/Coffee/Occasional tables, Indoor/Outdoor Dining.

Professional Timber Levelling and Surfacing – Bowing or warping occurs in unseasoned timber where the moisture content changes unevenly. Utilising a planer on our Lucas Mill, we can achieve a level surface whilst removing the least amount of precious timber and rescue your dream of creating a unique piece.

Removal – Crane Truck available for removal of fallen timber.