Every piece tells a story – especially this one! Once Upon A Time the City of Manningham desired a very special playground for the local children of Bulleen. So a ‘one of a kind’ Story Stage was lovingly handcrafted from ~100 year Natural Attrition Murray Pine which grew near the Blue Mountains in Burraga NSW. The tree was felled by a storm in the early 1980’s and was rescued from becoming firewood by an avid rare timber collector who milled and stored it safely for decades. When the collector retired, we were delighted to purchase his entire collection for the purpose of creating unique pieces filled with history, character & life. Supporting brackets repurposed from a circa 1920’s Hay Binder complete the story and they all lived happily ever after.

Testimonial –  “Hi Geoff, The Reserve opening was a great success. Your story stage contributed significantly to the appeal of the space and provided a wonderful podium for our librarian to read to the children. Thank you Fallen Timber for creating this whimsical stage for the residents of Manningham.” – Phyona McMahon, Landscape Architect, City of Manningham 

Product Warning – has been tested on actual children! On a trip to Melbourne we swung by to see how this project was settling in and caught up with some locals who reported that “all the neighbourhood kids LOVE the Story Stage!”.