Red gum is valued as much for its strength & durability, as its natural beauty.

Our client had a vision for a rustic/modern fence to frame his stunning converted

Church property. 500+ year old Red Gum posts compliment the red bricks whilst

contrasting beautifully with the galvanised iron.

After selecting the timber in person at our property, Glenn had a real connection

with the whole project & is over the moon with the finished results.

The timber for these beautiful posts came from the 500+ years old Clearing Giant. This was the

larger portion of an enormous river red gum which split lengthwise & came out by the roots after

the drought broke in 2011. The trunk of this majestic giant was so large it had to be cut into

3 sections to move it & these posts were expertly milled from the forks of the topmost section.


Old growth timber utilising the ultimate in sustainable harvesting –

Natural Attrition – talk to us about your dreams today.